Victory Thanksgiving Fund

G. F. Buckley

[9] Victory Thanksgiving Fund


The task which the General Assembly placed in the hands of the Victory Thanksgiving Committee to raise a fitting memorial for the sense of gratitude and indebtedness we all felt not-only to our heroic men but for the Divine intervention, has made considerable progress. The interest and response has been growing and many people have expressed their intention to do some worthy thing in this regard. In the month of February the Moderator sent a letter to every Presbyterian household and the result has been most encouraging.

The sum of £1,435 has been received already this year and we are anxious to make this the "Year of Success." Reduction of debt on the Assembly Hall has appealed to some but the best response during the quarter was for the Home for Underprivileged Girls. The scheme as has developed allows the fullest range of choice, including local Church memorials. The Foreign Missions Committee are urgently in need of a new launch for the Rev. C. Williamson and if the amount received through the Victory Thanksgiving Fund could meet the cost it would be a fitting expression of our gratitude to the Islanders of the Pacific for all their help.

Whatever your choice, the Victory Thanksgiving Fund is here to help us achieve the objective of a new advance in all the enterprises of our Church. Several of our most encouraging gifts have come from some who had previously given and we are doubly indebted to them. If you have intended or promised to do your part or would like to make the effort to go the "second mile" make your contribution now. The year 1948 has to be the "Year of Success" if we are to carry out the expressed wishes of the Assembly.

Let every Presbyterian make the effort. Address your reply to Rev. G. F. Buckley, Hon. Secretary, Victory Thanksgiving Fund, Box 100 G.P.O., Sydney.