Good News

"Good News" was the magazine of the earliest formal pentecostal grouping in Australia, Good News Hall. Originally a pentecostal gathering in the traditional form of a 'healing mission' under the leadership of Sarah Jane Lancaster, the movement morphed through the 1920s in response to the church planting which emerged from (largely female-led) evangelism in Queensland, Victoria and NSW. A pseudo-denomination emerged as the "Good News Pentecostal Alliance" (from 1924), formalized under the influence of South African evangelist F. B. Van Eyk into the "Apostolic Faith Mission of Australasia" (from 1926). The magazine extended the influence of Lancaster's group, and helped create the networks which underlay the emergence of explicitly pentecostal groupings from pre-existing Keswick, divine healing, Methodist holiness, and missions networks. The magazine faded with the death of Lancaster in 1934, and the closure of Good News Hall in 1936.